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Student Loan Consolidation

The cost of higher education is rising. Unfortunately, so is the unemployment rate. The result is recent college grads are finding themselves saddled with increasingly-higher debt loads at the exact same time when their economic situations make paying back those loans more and more difficult. And since many students take out multiple loans from multiple lenders, things can get very complicated very quickly.

Consolidating your student loans under the U.S. Department of Education’s Direct Loan Program can go a long way to helping you manage your student loan debt – most customers qualify for a lower monthly payment and can consolidate loans for just one loan payment each month. Flexible term lengths and multiple payment plans, including income-based plans, insure you’ll find a consolidation structure that fits your budget.


Behind, Delinquent or In Default?

Are you behind on your student loan payments? Many borrowers don’t realize they can consolidate their student loans even if they are in default. With a Direct Loans consolidation, you can lower your monthly payment and take the first steps toward getting our of default and avoiding liens or garnishment.

Student loan debt consolidation can be daunting. We know. Fortunately, we can help. Our loan consolidation experts will review your outstanding loans and find a repayment schedule that best fits both your immediate and long-term financial needs. Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly payment, minimize your total payout over the life of the loan or simply reduce the number of bills to keep track of each month, Apple Debt Care will help you navigate the federal student loan consolidation process and put you on a path to become debt-free.


"Thanks and I have enjoyed my association with you and your company. I would have never been able to do this on my own. Again, thanks for your help." Sandy P.

"My first student loan payment out of many loans was coming up and it was going to put a huge dent in my pocket. But luckily for me I found Apple Debt Care; they really helped me consolidate all my loans and now I only have to make one low payment that I can actually afford." - Eddy A.

"Thank you so much, I appreciate working with you and AppleDebtCare; You have already helped me so much and are continuing to help me get back on my feet and to manage my debt better." Demetrice M.